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Market Profile - by Oliver Klemm

Another absolute innovation in StereoTrader is called Market Profiles, and of course it comes from Oliver Klemm. The decisive difference to all other products in this segment, however, is that it uses genuine futures data and thus the quality is incomparable.

The AddOn for the StereoTrader is also able to calculate the price difference between Future and CFD, which can fluctuate within the day, exactly and thus z. For example, to project the market profile for the FDAX 1: 1 over the image of the XDAX or Overnight DAX.

The full version for download can be found in the download area. Please note that in addition to the MetaTrader, the StereoTrader must also be installed in advance. A demo license is only available for the StereoTrader, not for the AddOn.

The license includes a Market Profile data subscription for subsequent CFD trading instruments. The underlying futures contract from which the data is calculated is shown in brackets. The names of the CFD contracts may differ depending on the broker. Although theoretically every CFD broker can be used with it, we basically only recommend accounts with our partner brokers.

What is needed

The Market-Profile AddOn needs a StereoTrader-Edition (from build 1812), which supports autotrading or extension slots, these are currently:

StereoTrader Classic Edition
StereoTrader ForexPro Edition (Provider: ForexPro-Systeme)

The Classic Edition can either be obtained via a direct license through this site, or through one of the partner brokers, which offers these partially discounted or free of charge against sales restrictions. The StereoTrader itself requires the MetaTrader 4. Once the MetaTrader 5 edition is available, the MarketProfile AddOn for MT5 will also be available.

The MarketProfile AddOn itself is dragged and dropped onto the chart in which the StereoTrader is running after installation from the MetaTrader Navigator. After entering the license number, the profile data will be displayed immediately in real time, provided the broker is a certified partner of StereoTrader. If it concerns a foreign broker, in the setup (click on the logo) under “symbol” the profile data of the Underlyings would have to be specified. These include: contract name, opening time, closing time, tick size.